Pickleball in The Haute

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Greater Terre Haute Venues

Brittlebank Park Terre Haute, IN
Brittlebank Park
  • Courts - six outdoor courts
  • Playing Surface - asphalt
  • fenced-in, dedicated playing area
  • divider fencing between courts added  in 2013
  • standard nets

In 2008, the Parks and Recreation Department converted three run-down tennis courts into what is now our Pickleball hub for Terre Haute. Since then we have had several additions and upgrades such as: parking along the street, a restroom, and individual court dividers to help with our rolling ball problem/hazard. Brittlebank is the favorite location for most players as we love the great outdoors. We've been known to play in all types of weather. Of course, our most preferred is warm and sunny! We play many of our tournaments at this location.
1101 S 13 th st terre haute, in
Booker T Washington Community Center
  • Cost - FREE
  • Courts - three indoor courts
  • Playing Surface - wood basketball court
  • portable nets

For several years now, we have been playing at this location through the winter and in inclement weather. We have a number of GTHPA members who play every weekday and we have been able to add some weekend play time as well.
401 N 5th st Terre Haute, IN
Indiana State University Arena
  • Cost - $50 for 10 passes or $7/day pass (accompanied by a member)
  • Courts - up to eighteen indoor courts
  • Playing Surface - rubber Indoor track
  • posts and nets set up as needed

The university is a great place to play during the winter due to the ample amount of space for us to play. The students and staff do get first choice over the community players so we are unable to reserve the court space. We usually have a minimum of three courts with 50-ft high ceilings! We love the excellent lighting and playing surface.
951 dresser st terre haute, in
Terre Haute YMCA (No Picture)

  • Cost - $6 for a day pass
  • Courts - three indoor courts
  • Playing Surface - hard rubber basketball court
  • portable nets

The Terre Haute YMCA was remodeled in 2012. We have been playing at this location for just over a year. No regular schedule has yet developed. We do play there when ISU is closed on holidays and winter breaks. Lighting is excellent and it's a great place for exposing  new people to the great sport of pickleball. We've gained quite a number of new players for this very reason!

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