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Annual Ball Fund

Posted by Deli Stinnett on February 6, 2014 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

     2014 Ball Fund collections began in April and are in full swing. Thank you for your quick response. The fund is off to an excellent start! Lori Vancza is handling this job as she has had RCT surgery and is sidelined while she continues to recover. Lori has been by the courts a number of times and people have been more than forthcoming with this year's donation to our annual fund. In just one or two trips to the courts, just under $400 was turned in before the end of March and by the end of April, we had already collected $1,000!! Another couple hundred has already been turned in for May, and not all of our snowbirds have arrived back in Terre Haute yet!

     For those of you new to pickleball in Terre Haute, we have an annual fee of twenty dollars per person that is used to keep us stocked up in pickleballs at each of our many playing areas: Brittlebank Park, ISU Arena, and Booker T. Washington Center, to name a few. We then have a common source from which we draw so people don't have to bring their own pickleballs to the courts. All anyone has to do is show up with a paddle in hand and wahlah - game ON! 

     The ball money totals are as follows: 2010 - $885, in 2011 - just $300, 2012 - $1,110, and 2013 - $1,815. This year looks like it will top them all! We were just forming the habit of paying in the first years listed and 2011 had a "collector" who neither insisted nor enforced the fund collections. As you can see, we got more serious about this endeavor beginning in 2012.

     This fund, though designated originally for the purchase of balls and still used primarily for that purpose, serves to boost our overall GTHPA bank account. With the GTHPA funds, the board which was formed in September of 2011, began making improvements to our many locations of play. We have done such things as purchase new, indoor nets for Booker T, located and purchased a new indoor ball that proved to be much more durable and less prone to breakage. At Brittlebank, we added divider fencing, replaced the short, perimeter fencing, and added upper pads, if you will, to the tops to try to prevent injuries to players to tend to crash frequently!

     At Booker T. Washington, where many players compete indoors daily over the winter and when the weather is cold, rainy, or otherwise inclement, we helped make major improvements to that facility. Between GTHPA funding and player donations, we contributed toward a floor resurfacing project there. We were able to have court lines put UNDER the new varnish so we no longer have to concern ourselves with peeling tape. A grant was used for new lighting and now it's quite a great place to gather for indoor play! Thank you for your generosity toward these efforts.

     The collection amount will remain at twenty dollars per person for 2014. We see no need to increase nor decrease the annual ball fund amount. Together with profits from our tournaments, we are hoping to eventually be able to finance a resurfacing/repainting project at Brittlebank.

     Can you think of any other sport you can take part in that has such a low, annual cost?

GTHPA Goes to School!

Posted by Deli Stinnett on February 5, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

     A number of our local players have offered their time and assistance, providing "more hands on deck" in gym classes at Sarah Scott! We set up two groups of four to handle Tu/Th and W/F classes alongside the gym teacher, Ann Smith. Ann is quite accomplished in racket sports and has participated from time to time in some pickleball games with the GTHPA. Marcia helped arrange for the volunteers in Ann's gym classes.

     A big thank you goes out to: Cheryl and Steve Bedwell, Norm and Sherrie Cheesman, Vicki Clark, Richard Dahle, Mark Greenwell, and Marcia Ogle (who had to step in because she couldn't find a fourth volunteer for the first day out to Sarah Scott). On that first day in each of the classes, we played a quick demo game for a few points just to illustrate how game play should look. Wow, was it WINDY!!! One side could barely get the ball to go over the net while the other side had to gently tap the ball to keep it from leaving Vigo County!

     Interest has been expressed by the principal and her gym teacher at Woodrow Wilson as well as the gym teacher at West Vigo Middle School. Per comments from Ann Smith, she feels that getting help from the GTHPA for just two sessions should suffice. That should help with getting volunteers on our part.

     If any of you are interested in helping in this way, please see or call Marcia. At Wilson, the next unit of pickleball being taught will begin on Monday, May 19. We realize this is the day after our May tournament so those who participate will likely be worn out from the three-day event. Still, we'd like to be able to provide a few helpers. Class times provided begin at 8:42 and 9:35am or 1:41 and 2:34 pm. Again, please see Marcia if you are interested at all in helping. It is required that all adults who volunteer in the VCSC have a limited history criminal history background check performed. Marcia has copies of those forms and will see that they get to the corporate office for processing.

     This is just one form of community outreach conducted by members of the GTHPA. We will take part in more as the opportunities open up to us.

Renovations at BTW Community Center

Posted by Deli Stinnett on April 28, 2013 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

     Booker T Washington (BTW) Community Center got brand new lighting in the entire gymnasium in 2013. While it used to be pretty dim and hard to see the ball, you will need sunglasses to play pickleball now, it is so bright! Thanks to a grant through the Chances for Youth for the lighting and some generous donations from our local GTHPA players for the flooring and court lines, the center was able to make these remodeling updates.


     It was such an improvement to get the pickleball court lines permanently placed under the new varnish. No more taping and re-taping at this location. Our daily players were the main contributors and beneficiaries but thanks to all who helped make this happen. Anyone who plays there can reap the benefits well into the future.

     We love to look around town and see the many improvements we've been able to make not only at this location but also elsewhere in Terre Haute. More projects are planned for the future. We are in nearly constant contact with the Terre Haute Parks Department in this regard. We provide the funding and they give us free manpower! It's a win/win situation. The proceeds for these projects come mainly from tournament profits. The GTHPA wants to continually make a positive impact on our community and add to the sport of pickleball. Little by little, we are doing just that.

     The after school and/or summer program coordinators at BTW have asked and will be getting some pickleball clinics. What a great opportunity to reach into our community, generate interest in pickleball, and build skills in our favorite sport and past time!  We look forward to seeing the influence help grow our sport for years to come at BTW. We are reaching out to the schools as well and hope to soon be working alongside PE teachers cultivating new pickleball players. Ask any board member how you can get involved if you are interested in helping.

article updated by: Marcia Ogle

New Website

Posted by Deli Stinnett on February 25, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (2)

     I am proud to announce that we have a website for all members to gather information and and share questions and answers all for the good of pickleball in our community. 

     This section is going to be used for letting our community know what is going on from tournament results to when fellow Pballers travel and play out of state. Hopefully this will help all of us stay connected.


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