Pickleball in The Haute

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Meet Our Board Members

President - Deli Stinnett
Vice President - Todd Hein
Secretary - Marcia Ogle
Treasurer - Rex Lawler
Member - Lori Vancza
Member - Steve Bedwell
Member - Denny green

About Us

Pickleball in Terre Haute was once just a past time shared by just over a dozen people. By 2011, that group had grown to no less than sixty! It was decided at that point that organization and structure was needed, so a meeting was held and our first board was elected. We decided on the name of Greater Terre Haute Pickleball Association or GTHPA for short. Our logo was designed by Willa Barksdale for one of our tournaments. We adopted and have used it ever since.

The GTHPA board has worked in close conjunction with the Terre Haute Parks Department and within the first year, several projects were completed. We were able to get some paved parking on the street side of Brittlebank Park, add divider fencing between courts, and purchase both new indoor and outdoor nets for at least two locations.

Later the short, outer fencing at Brittlebank was replaced.. It had worn out many years earlier and finally gave out completely. These projects were the very reason we formed a board. By becoming an official entity instead of just a few friends who shared a common interest, we were able to approach the Parks Department for their assistance and they were happy to help us out.

We continue to grow in numbers each year as well as add to the completed project list. Our hope is to continue to promote this great sport in our community and see both indoor and outdoor venues for play set up or improved upon. Come join us. If you haven't tried pickleball yet, you don't know what you're missing!  article by Marcia Ogle

Cofounders of Pickleball in Terre Haute, IN

Rex Lawler and Paul Barksdale

Just two of the original "baker's dozen" players are Rex Lawler and Paul Barksdale. These two guys each have their own pickleball style of play that has proven successful. Each of them has a number of tournament medals to prove it! 

Paul got us started with our first tournament in May of 2009. We've expanded on the excellent foundation built by him and the other original Terre Haute players. Thanks for sharing your love of the sport, all of you. We are richer for it both in terms of the exercise it provides and great friendships that have formed. 

As most of you who play it already know: pickleball is ADDICTING!

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